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Georgios Fronimos Castellina In Chianti, 07.09.2018

Excellent product! I bought both the 115mm and the 125mm blades, they are simply great! I'm very happy with the product and will buy it again. Customer service and shipping were impeccable! I definitely recommend the product and the company! Thank you!

Stojan Veles, Macedonia, 24.02.2018

Incredible, incredible ! Thanks for having this blade. Цудоўна!

Make N' Create Svendborg, 01.02.2018

Awesome product! Carves and cuts through wood like it was butter. Easy to get used to and feels quite safe to handle. I do recommend!

Sek Austria Tarlac City, Philippines, 21.11.2017

Graff Speed Cutter is really unique blade, it will cut fast and you can make some curves in the wood, in my experience it has no kick back that others do.

Ross Nanfito Red Bluff, 19.10.2017

Hello... I just wanted to say thank you for applying such a reasonable price for this speedcutter. I use many different angel grinder attachments and this price is very good, very reasonable! Good on ya! I've just ordered it. Thank you!

Stuart Perth, 13.10.2017

Awesome product,it carves wood like butter, I only wish I have more time to play with it however work is mental at the moment. I can see the potential of these disks. I would love to see them at my local bunnings as the current postage time is not insignificant

Peter Dowsett Luxembourg, 08.10.2017

I ordered this blade after seeing it on instructables.com. It arrived just 3 days later and it is clearly a quality blade. I have only used it a little so far but looking forward to using it much more

James Jacob Denver, 29.08.2017

I finally got my hands on the Graff Speedcutter and it works as demonstrated. With the proper control this blade can cut wood blocks into what ever unique shape you desire. I find that this simple angle grinder has changed the way I look at woodworking. A must have tool for anyone who desires to break the bounds of flat wood projects.

Mitch Peacock Eastbourne, 08.08.2017

Pleasure to try something new, and pleased to find it quick to get the hang of and very capable of fast, accurate carving

Kyle Morford Washington, D.C., 07.08.2017

After power carving with the Speedcutter, I was blown away! It eats through wood like butter. I have never been more impressed with a wood blade before! I would HIGHLY recommend this!

Tuomas Soikkeli Finland, 19.07.2017

Very good quality, suitable for cutting and carving. Interesting product, and actually works too.

Tim Sway, artist/maker, Tim Sway Perspectives, LLC Meriden CT, USA, 27.06.2017

The Graff Speed Cutter removes wood like nothing I have ever used. I can’t believe how fast it works compared to my other powercarving tools. It is by far the FIRST blade I will grab when I’m power carving from now on.

Jürgen Sabbe Eernegem, 16.06.2017

It is a good cutter wheel. sometimes a bit agressive, but ones you get the hang of it, it works pretty smooth. using it with 'feathertouch' makes nice smooth patterns and using it with 'heavy hands' makes it shop through woods like a knife trough butter. due to the rounded theeth you can make nice thin lines and using it on the side makes the carving less agressive and smoother wide curves can be made. so thanks for the blade.